Why Follow The Money?

Campaign Cash Does Not Lie

Several years ago, when we decided to build an easy-to-use campaign donation tracking tool, we came upon a political action committee (PAC) calling itself Sportsmen For Idaho (SFI). The problem was that the PAC, who had adopted a name one would normally associate with hunting, guns and outdoor/sportsmen activities, wasn’t really about all those things at all. It was about targeting conservative incumbents by recruiting and funding “moderate” (read RINO) Republican Primary challengers.

Sportsmen For Idaho

Since 2014 Sportsmen For Idaho has received almost all of it’s money from another PAC called the Conservation Voters for Idaho Action Fund (CVI) No problem, right? Well, not until you look at who is funding CVI do things begin to look fishy.

Sportsmen For Idaho

Among CVI’s donors are...

Besides SFI, some of CVI’s other direct expenditures include...

Are we seeing a pattern yet?

Sportsmen For Idaho is nothing other than a Democratic Party controlled false front. It was used successfully in several races to funnel Democratic campaign funds, both directly and indirectly, to campaigns against sitting conservative legislators.

In many cases, In-Kind contributions were used to create mailings such as the one below for RINO Doug Ricks against Rep. Ron Nate.

Doug Ricks

In one case, sitting Republican Central Committee member, RINO Marsha Bjornn colluded with Democrats to target Rep. Ron Nate. The letter below was written by RINO Marsha Bjornn and paid for with Democrat money funneled to Sportsmen For Idaho

Doug Ricks

The deceptive tactics used by Democratic operatives is bad enough, but RINOs in the Republican Party brazenly colluding with Democrats to target sitting conservative legislators is unpardonable.

Patriot PAC

In Legislative District 5, another attempt to disrupt the Republican Primary process through a false front political action committee called Patriot PAC. Patriot PAC was formed and funded by the Idaho Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (IDLCC.)

Sportsmen For Idaho

In 2014, Patriot PAC sent out a mailing in Legislative District 5 in favor of independent candidate, David Suswal. David had no knowledge of the mailing at the time and publicly repudiated the interference in his campaign by the IDLCC.

Former Democratic Senator, Dan Schmidt, was the Treasurer for the IDLCC at the time. When we questioned Sen. Schmidt about his authorizing of mail fraud to sway an election, Schmidt only replied that he “did nothing illegal.”

Surprisingly, Schmidt received a front page story and an editorial by Moscow Daily News editor, Lee Rozen, lambasting his fraudulent scheme. Even ultra liberal columnist, Marty Trillhaase, got into the fray with a stinging op-ed on Schmidt’s scam. I guess this proves that even some liberals don’t like dishonest, underhanded political ploys.

Idaho Chooses Life

Idaho Chooses Life (ICL) touts itself as Idaho’s premier pro-life advocate. But is this their real agenda? Or, have they become just another money-grubbing political lobby with an agenda other than what they claim?

In 2018, ICL donated thousands of dollars, both directly and indirectly, to RINO Tom Loertscher in an attempt to defeat staunchly pro-life, conservative Republican, Chad Christensen.

The sordid story of former Rep. Tom Loertscher’s loss of the District 32 Republican Primary to Rep. Chad Christensen is one of a power-mad politician turned temper-tantrum-throwing cry baby. Unfortunately, Idaho Chooses Life, chose to enter the fight after the fact and on the wrong side.

It was an ugly race. After losing the Republican Primary, Rep. Loertscher refused to accept defeat and entered the General Election as an independent. He was even censured by the Idaho GOP for his continued use of the Republican Brand after he could not legally run as a Republican.

The most important point here is that the normal behavior of ICL is to contribute to the Primary winner if that person is deemed to be a pro-life candidate, which Rep. Christensen certainly was. Instead, ICL chose to shower money on a failed, corrupt, RINO who was destined to lose the General Election in any case.

So, where does this leave us?

The importance of following the money and connecting the dots cannot be understated. Financial detective work can reveal patterns of behavior in the political power brokers and help illuminate and eliminate traitors within the Republican Party. We are experts at it.

There is no doubt that some within the Republican Party are pushing the Democratic agenda. There is no doubt that Democrats have identified moles (RINOs) inside the Republican Party and are funding their subversive activity.

Right now, nothing is being done about it because the Rank and File Republicans are either unaware that this is taking place or they are too lazy to deal with the problem.

Clearly, these financial investigative efforts have paid off. Dan Schmidt was defeated in his reelection bid by Conservative Dan Foreman. Chad Christensen soundly beat RINO Tom Loertscher - a 30 year legislator and committee chairman - in District 32 regardless of the Loertscher’s PAC supporters.

The Platform Adherence Committee urges everyone to delve into the backgrounds of all political candidates and organizations. There is simply no better way to shed light on the truth than to “follow the money.”

Our Purpose

The definition of a RINO (Republican In Name Only) is: a politician who, while bearing the Republican brand, does not uphold the GOP Platform.

The purpose of the Platform Adherence Committee is to eliminate RINOs in Idaho. We are going to do this by exposing their duplicity and by attacking their income stream. We would hope that exposing the RINOs for what they are will motivate people to vote against them at election time.

Make the GOP Red Again!

Any lobby group found to be supporting RINOs will be singled out. We will not apologize. We will not grant special considerations based on the nature of the lobbyist or their good intentions. There will be no sacred cows. We don’t care if the pet issue is Guns, Abortion or Private Health Care - all noble causes. If they give money to RINOs, we will not spare the sword. No Quarter. No Prisoners. No second chances.

If we are to right the Ship of State in Idaho, we’re going to need a new crew - one that is made up of patriot statesmen and women who will not sell their influence for campaign cash. We need men and women who will uphold the Idaho Republican Platform. No compromises.

Stop voting for RINOs.

Stop supporting PACs who support RINOs. We’ll help you identify them.

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